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As a general agency, CIS is able to offer you expertise and services (such as mapping) that you may not be able to provide your clients on your own. We are caring, committed, and dedicated to providing you and your farmer clients the best service available in the crop insurance industry.

Whether you are an experienced agency or just beginning to understand crop insurance, we can tailor a service plan and commission agreement specific to your needs.

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Crop Insurance Services (CIS)

As one of the largest crop-only agencies in the Midwest, Crop Insurance Services of Mankato can help you find the program that’s right for you. The dedicated CIS staff has years of experience and unparalleled crop insurance knowledge and is ready to assist you in developing the most effective risk management program that also provides you with the greatest marketing opportunities. In addition, CIS is one of a few agencies in the nation that offers free mapping for its clients.

Insight CIS focuses on crop insurance programs only. These programs change and become more complicated every year. Specializing only in crop insurance allows CIS to stay on top of these changes, understand how they effect your operation and help you make the best decisions for your operation. Insight you can benefit from.
Service CIS understands that risk management is an essential part of operating a successful business. In order to make sure you’re getting the best possible coverage, CIS takes the time to meet with you, one-on-one, to explain coverage options and the costs associated with the various programs. Service you feel good about.
Experience An understanding of the production and financial risks associated with raising a crop, combined with a superior knowledge of crop insurance products, enables CIS to tailor a risk management package specific to your operation. Experience you can trust.



As an exclusive crop insurance agency, CIS can find the risk management program that works best for you. Find out more about Crop Insurance Services!

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